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6 Web Development Trends to Expect in 2018

Trends are consistently changing on the web. If you are already a part of the industry, you must know about the constant rise and fall of technologies and web development trends. If you wish to be the best in the game, it is crucial to keep yourself updated about the potential and rising trends. Keep your ears and eyes open all the time.

So what are the Web Development Trends 2018? Here are the best ones for this year:

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Lately, the supremacy of native mobile apps got swayed. Why? This is because the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are extracting the best from the World Wide Web and unite it with the best mobile applications. PWAs were introduced in the year 2015. In two years, pioneers transformed it into one of the ruling web programming trends. These are actually web-based applications with the UX and feel similar to mobile applications. PWAs make use of the latest web technologies for offering app-like experience for users in a browser tab. These do not need any install. It can be opened in a browser straight via entering the URL. It matches the latest standards of cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness.

PWAs do not depend on network state and can be accessible even offline. The best part is that these bring users an app-like experience to guarantee users spend more time on a website. HTTPS protocol also serves PWAs to guarantee secure transfer of data transfer. PWAs can be pinned to Home screens of users.

  1. iPhone X Notch Development

The latest iPhone has already been launched and it is time for developers to learn its complex mechanisms. Developers must keep themselves upgraded with the latest compatibilities of newest devices that get launched. ‘The Notch’, a rare feature has been added on this new device which is a small section of the iPhone’s upper region that cuts off a small part of the view as the phone claims a full screen coverage. Although users may not notice it, developers need to produce applications supported by iPhone X by taking notch into consideration.

  1. Single Page Websites

The latest solution will allow placing all of the content into a single long scrollable page. It will also remove any clutter. There are a number of benefits of one-page websites. These don’t challenge visitors with tons of text, complex navigation, and multi-level menu. All essential information is delivered on a single page. All a user needs to do is scroll to it.

Use-cases for these sites are limited and are not ideal for ecommerce projects. However, businesses can hugely benefit as they can present their services in a simpler and engaging way. Visiting a one-pager means the user consumes information consecutively. There’s no jumping over pages randomly. Additionally, these websites are the best choice for mobile users. One page sites are more user-friendly and minimize overall development and hosting costs. Extraordinary designs and dynamic accents will attract impressive increase in conversion.

  1. Significant Scroll-Triggered Animation

Interaction-triggered animations will be used to add life to single page websites. Minimalistic and strategic, these animations are designed with an aim to increase conversions and engagement.

The trend is perfect for long-scrolling responsive sites. Hence, the user can keep scrolling, drawing these down the funnel towards the point of conversion-point simultaneously enlightening them about products. The animations may also be used to define boundaries of varied page sections seamlessly and attractively imparting clarity to content for navigating and satisfying user experience. Since the animation is triggered just once, the user can scroll to that specific part of the page with reduced load times. So chances are more that the user see it. If you need more information or any assist so feel free to ask us: freelancewebdeveloper.net

  1. Motion UI

This trend forecasts the popularity and widespread acceptance of Motion UI Sass library. The library allows users to animate UI of website instantly. It is easy working with Motion UI. The library package includes Sass files and a CSS file with ready-made effects that allows you to play around and create new animations. Transition of website elements (off-canvas menus, as overlays, modals, etc.) is possible with the library. Transition effects can also be used for building single CSS animations and their series. It enjoys an edge over competition with its universal character, simplicity, and flexibility. Motion UI coding is easy to understand for those holding basic knowledge of JavaScript and CSS. Multiple parameters are available to let your modern animations act just the way you wish to. Motion UI transitions and animations can be applied to all elements of website. Hence, it is face superior than other libraries.

  1. PHP 7

Interestingly, PHP is used by over 82.4 per cent of all the websites running online. With the release of PHP 7, it witnessed significant hype last year. The latest version is known to bring in varied changes that make it innovative. It is now available with a whole new set of classes, features, interfaces, global constants, and functions. Changes have also been introduced SAPI modules and functions. PHP 7 has improved performance to a great deal. It effectively compiles code into machine language with the help of super-fast Just In Time (JIT) engine. It makes PHP 7 twice as faster as PHP 5.6. PHP 7 makes your code base use less memory. Latest version has encompassed new type declarations which when implemented make code easier to read and understand. No white screen will be visible for users even if it runs into a fatal error. It will throw up an exception sans interrupting the entire script. It is a perfect time to upgrade it if you haven’t already!

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