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8 Best Apps for Smartwatch Lovers

Everyone out there owns a smartphone. Well now is the time to move a step further and explore the world using a smartwatch. It is said that smartwatches will replace smartphones in a decade or so. The technology is indeed very interesting.

A smartwatch is a watch version of a smartphone, you have probably heard of the Apple Watch that holds 75% of the market right now. But there’s several other models too. These watches mean now you don’t need to take out your phone repeatedly to check your emails, refresh your playlist, answer calls, navigate the road and many other similar tasks. All you need to do is install your favorite apps in your smartwatch and there you go. Everything is available on your wrist in just one touch pretty much like a sci-fi movie showing the world in 2050. Following is the list of some good apps you should have in your smartwatch. 


This app is a good alternative to Google Maps if you want to get rid of unwanted or annoying complications of Google Maps on your journey. Citymapper helps you to navigate straight to your workplace or home in a much simpler manner as compared to Google Maps. Secondly, you don’t have to check your phone repeatedly to look for the next turn while on road.

Runtastic Pro

This app is a good option for people who love to monitor their performance while jogging. Runtastic is as simple as 1 2 and 3. Simple one-touch start and stop interface along with an added feature of voice command with easily viewable time, distance and calorie chart.


Hole19 is an excellent app for people who play golf. This app along with its phone counterpart plays like an expert golf assistant every time when you are on the golf court. Now you don’t have to take out your phone to look for the next pin. Just search for the distance to the pin using your watch which further uses your phone’s GPS to do it.


This app needs no introduction. The good news is, now you can enjoy taxi service and ride availability with just your watch. Simply call a cab from your watch. this smartwatch app of Uber also gives you the feature to track your ride, calculate the estimated fair, check out the approximate arrival time and all the features of the phone app.


This app is the most widely used app in the world when it comes to mailing, corporate and business emails and many similar types of electronic conversations. If you are a businessman, say thanks to the technology, now you do not have to take out your phone every time you have an email. This app simply gives a more rapid or simpler control.


Trip advisor is a fantastic app for hang out with friends, family and office colleagues. This app helps you search for the restaurants, attractions, and hotels. However, the smartwatch version of the app does not give a more extensive range of features as in phone app but still, it is a good option to try for people who use TripAdvisor.


This app deserves to be on this list as well as in every smartwatch. Everybody loves Facebook and so does its Messenger. Having this app on your watch gives you a chance to keep connected with your friends every time without any need to check your phone. You can send as well as dictate messages using this app.


Strava is a popular app for cyclists. So, all the cyclists out there here is your pick. Go, get a smartwatch, install this app and enjoy. We can imagine many cyclists out there already using this handy app. The app comes with a Wear add-on. This handy tool tells you from how long you are traveling, how fast your speed is and many similar things.

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