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How to add a table of contents like Wikipedia to your blog?

Add table of content to your wordpress blog

If you are a regular Internet user or a webmaster and blogger, then you will see many websites that have been given the Table of Contents before its content, which can easily be used by readers to read and browse all the blog posts.

“Add Table of Contents in WordPress

 There are also SEO benefits to use in the Table of Contents. You can see Wikipedia’s table of contents which you can easily browse long, lengthy Wikipedia articles.

Today we will learn in this article that if you are a blogger who has a blog or website on WordPress then the app can automatically add a table of contents to any post or page of your blog in just a few minutes.

As you all know, adding any new feature in WordPress, we simply use the related plugin. Even today, we use a plugin to use the feature of the Table of Contents.


How to Add Table of Contents in WordPress?

Click on this link and install and activate this plugin: Table of Contents Plugin – WordPress Plugin

Once you install and activate this plugin, you can go to settings of this plugin. (WordPress Dashboard> Settings> TOC +)

A page will open in front of you in the screenshot shown below.

Before we start using this plugin. Let me tell you that this plugin automatically creates the Table of Contents on any blog post or page and displays your readers wherever you want.

But for this, your blog posts or pages should use headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6). Because using these headings, this plugin automatically creates the Table of Contents.

Now we have to do some settings.

Add Table of contents wordpress

1. The first option is, the position, in which you have to set where you want the Table of Contents to be displayed.

You can see that I have set it before First Heading i.e. before the first heading.

2. By the way, you can use this plugin in any post or page, but for that you have to add shortcode to that page or post. But if you want to automatically insert this plugin into all your posts or pages then you have to mark it in the second option, page.

3. Then there is the option of Heading text, in which you have to first choose whether you want to show the title or not. If yes, by tick you will have to type the title as I wrote, Contents – Contents

4. You can also give the user the option to show your table of contents with the help of show and hide toggle and also set text for it, as you can see, I can also set the custom text set in the above screenshot. Already done.


Apart from all this, you have the option to hide initially table of contents.

Table of conent wordpress

5. Show hierarchy – Enable this option if you want to give hierarchy look to your list of table of contents.


6. Smooth Scrolling Effect – Whenever the reader clicks on any link in your table of contents, enabling this option will come with a very smooth scrolling effect linked to it.

7. Appearance Settings – You can also do some appearance customization. And you can choose from some of the prefixed designs given.

For most people, by default settings will be enough, but if you want to make more customization to this extent then you also have the option of an advanced settings, which you can do according to the theme of your blog.

After doing all the settings, do not forget to click Update Options at all.

I hope that by following the steps given above, you can easily add Table of Contents to your WordPress blog or website. Automatically create this plugin in a post on

Table of contents

If you like this post, then share it with as many people as possible. If you have any questions in your mind regarding the addition of the Table of Contents to your blog or website, then be sure to ask us through comments.



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