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Advantages of Android system

Advantages of Android system

Isn’t it obvious that android is the way to get more power? With millions of users in the world android is powering a lot of people with easy access and various benefits. Android is the fastest growing operating system and it is very much liked by its users. In this article, we are going to focus on the advantages of Android system

Advantages of Android system

If we talk about the advantages of android operating system then there are many features that you can use to make your life easier, nowadays you can also inbuilt android system with your TV using EVO Box by My Android Box. this is not only a feature, here are the most amazing features and advantage of android.

1. Reputation

When it comes to selling something it is all about the reputation and when it is about creating trust amongst the customers then the company’s reputation is all that counts. Android is a Google product and Google has a strong and good reputation in the market. People trust this brand in Internet and so android also fetches the trust.

2. Users:

With over billion of users, android is the fastest growing mobile operating system. You would never know about the changes you can get in this. Due to the increasing liking of people towards this OS, Google is constantly upgrading its features and product.

3. Multi tasking:

Exactly! This is one point you should never forget. Android is a multi tasking operating system. You work on more than 1 application in a single go. You can create functions which will help you switch the monitor for you helping you use applications side by side. Moreover, android has a very impressive UI which makes it more irresistible for the users to use.

4. Google Store:

Known as Play store in the mobiles having android, it is the access to a lot of cool stuff. Including games, applications, movies, books it has other stuffs also which will give you a fun time. It is the outcome of a survey that Google play store was given the name of fastest and largest mobile store in the world. It has the most numbers of cool applications inside it. Not just this, you can download many other applications which will help you in using some other apps more easily and effectively. Isn’t that great?

5. Notifications:

Sometimes you are too lazy to open the complete news or notification. All you want that time is a bit of relaxation. It is the time when your extended drop down or the home screen comes into play. Google has taken well care of those moments by providing some effective tools. The drop down is easily accessible which will give you the complete list of the messages and notifications that you are getting. With the latest update, android has made the UI so much compatible that it can give up to 5 notifications at once in the drop down itself. So no stressing around just easy task, isn’t it?

6. Widget:

When it comes to comfort then, widget is all that can ease up your work at the last moment. Android showcases a lot of widgets on the screen. These widgets make the user ease up the work and make multi tasking an easy job. You can adjust and add any widget on your home screen according to your likings and ease. Whatever you think will be worthy at times and things that you could need in quick break. Making widget will cut short the time to go inside your list of application and find it. You can widget your mails, SMS, any number.

7. Advertisement pop ups:

Lately there were many users who found this mood spoiling that the advertisements pop up all of a sudden and yes it is really very irritating at times. To cut short this android has given the update to reduce it because it is a heavy loss if they completely finish it.

8. Variety

We can get the variety, and our options are not limited. We can get many companies who are selling so many products on this OS. This makes the user happy because they get too many options to explore and I don’t know anyone till now who does not want options. If you are restricted to a few quantities then you will obviously feel unpleasant because it will keep you reserved. But on the other hand if you get so many options it feels good.

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