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Amazing Tricks to Win bets in Casino

Betting on colors

Many people who love to play roulette are confused in which color they chose to win more & more. It could be black or red because there are 50% chances to win on the both colors. I suggest to always bet on colors, you can invest 10$ or 20$ to get started. Do not putt all money on your first bet, first you must understand the momentum and frequency of occurrence the colors and then you can bet.

You can also practice outside of the table before real betting.

red and black


Betting on odds and even

I have seen many times the people bet on odd and even and win a decent amount, this is because you cut the fear of loss 50% same as betting on colors. If you don’t want to bet colors, you can also bet on odds and even.

Final and best trick – Cut the fear of loss 90%

I know you shocked with the heading of this tricks, But I am not joking. Seriously you can cut the fear of loss 90%. Do you want to know how?

Lets start!

Note: For this trick you need 100$ budget and I suggest you bet on American roulette because American roulette has single zero in the table, so it can reduce the number of occurrences for the number “zero”

If you are confused to decide where to start betting online don’t worry, BettingTop10 is the website where you go and check the odd and prediction that  bookmakers offer, there are many online betting sites that offer instant money transfer.

They all are very experienced and old in the industry and have good user reviews.

The very first you must decide where you want to bet, you can bet on colors or you can bet on odds and even

I suggest betting on colors

Now chose a single color it could be either red or black (select any one color)

Then bet on small amount for example 1$

In the fist trail if win your amount will be double and you will get 2$

And if you loss then bet again on the same color with 2$, at this time if you win you will get 4$

Now see what happened

Total loss amount on previous bet is = 1$

Total bet amount on current trail = 2$

Now the total loss amount is 3$, 4-3=1 you got the profit of 1$

You can repeat the process in the same way for example you check the below table.


Bet amount Loss on stage winning amount on stage Total profit on stage
1 1 2 1
2 3 4 1
4 7 8 1
8 15 16 1
16 31 32 1
34 65 68 3
69 134 138 4


This is The Time to Payback

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