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List of 15 Amazing and useful websites for daily use

Amazing Websites

Here are some of the amazing and useful websites on the web world that you may not know. These amazing websites are very good and I can bet, you will solve at least one problem by using these amazing websites in your daily use. And also they have a very simple and short web URL that you can remember easily.

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The Most Useful and Amazing websites for daily use

The below list of good websites can help you in your daily work or while surfing internet. The websites are very good and also they have huge traffic. You can also bookmark them in your browser and use anytime when you need it.

1. 10-minute Mail

10 minutes mail

It’s very useful for those people who is registering somewhere on web and he also don’t want to share their personal E-mail address on that website. Here is the solution visit 10-minute mail and get your email for 10 minutes and get your registration confirmation link without giving your personal email address. This website is the most amazing website ever

Note: E-mail address will be self-destruct in 10 minutes

2. Mathway


Having issue while solving mathematic equations? Don’t worry we are giving you a link of that website where you can solve your problem by yourself. Mathway – one of the most amazing website that can solve any kind of math problems, it’s very good. Here you can solve from basic to chemical equations easily.

Note: Don’t use for cheating at school and collage because learning mathematics is very important for time when you don’t have internet connection or any internet accessible device.

3. Fake Name Generator

Fake Name Generator

Need whole new identity for a fake registration? This website is only for those people who Want to register somewhere without sharing their identity and other valuable information. Here you can generate whole information. That’s why we say fake name generator is the most useful and amazing website for everyone.

4. What the font

What the font

The website will help you to recognize the font name. You can easily download the fonts after knowing name of font, just upload the image and try.

5. Camel Camel Camel

Camel Camel Camel

The amazing website for online shoppers, the website will show you the price history of any product which is listed on the well-known ecommerce giant Amazon. You can also upload your wish list here to get notification alert when price drop down.

6. MailBox Locator

MailBox Locator

This is very useful website for everyone who want to know their nearest mail box to mail letters documents and other things. Bookmark this website right now and use to find nearest mailbox and save your time.

7. What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner

What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner

A wonder full profane meal suggestion generator for those people who want to eat something but they really don’t know what to eat. The website will give you meal suggestion any time.

8. Web-Capture

Web capture

Capture a screenshot for any website by putting their URL on URL box and just hit enter to take whole screenshot.

9. Account Killer

Account Killer

the website will help you to close any social media account permanently. Not just disable them.

10. Skyscanner


Search Flights by dates budgets and prices – event if you don’t know where you want to go.

11. Date to Date Calculator

 Date to Date Calculator

The date calculator will help you to figure out the exact how many days/month/years passed between tow dates.

12. Strip Creator

Strip Creator

You can make your own comic strips online. Just visit the website and start creating the comic scripts

13. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler

Find complementary color palettes with this Adobe color wheel this will also help you to create color combination while designing something.

14. Online Alarm Clock

Online Alarm Clock

Don’t forget to use online alarm for when you lose your alarm clock. (I mean phone.)

15. The Rasterbator

The Rasterbator

Do you want to create a printable poster? Make a printable poster out of any image. Just upload your image and try

These are top 15 amazing websites for your daily use and help. Never forget to share with your friends. Also comment below and show your love. Please never comment for back-link because it’s a waste of time. Do have any other site which you think, it’s a most amazing website ever. Please comment below.


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