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How to Boost Alexa Rank of Your Website & Blog – Tips & Tricks

Boost Alexa Rank

Alexa is the most important metric to attract advertisers. If you want to get lots of banner advertisement proposals, then you need to improve your Alexa first.

After Google Page Rank update the metric which is given high priority is the Alexa Rank. According to Google’s recent announcement it might not update Google Page Rank anymore. So, to track the growth of the site the metric which is being updated on regular basis as of now is only Alexa Rank. Of course there are other metrics as well like the Page Authority , Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Quantcast etc which are more accurate but these metrics update once in a month. The most fascinating thing about Alexa Rank is that it gets updated each and every day. This is the reason why it has attracted all the Bloggers and Web Masters over the web. Everyone keeps an eye on this Alexa Rank to check if their rank is improved or not.

How to Boost Alexa rank of your website & Blog

It’s very true that most of the people judge you website & blog’s popularity by your Alexa Rank. Even though it’s not accurate but it’s a very important metric that you should start keeping an eye at. Advertisers also give a very high importance to Alexa Rank. A site with good Alexa rank gets more Banner Advertisements and Sponsored Posts.

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is powered by Amazon.com Alexa provides analytical insights to benchmark, compare and optimize businesses on the web

Alexa.com defines themselves as a “web information Directory”. They rank every website and blog based on their traffic, bounce rate, Page/session and some other factors. This Alexa Rank gets updated daily. Lesser the number better.

How Alexa Rank is measured?

First You Should Know “How Alexa Ranking is measured? “

Alexa is measuring your website’s traffic is one of the most unfair surveys around. Why?

They only record those hits which passes through their systems. That means your visitors either have to Install Alexa Toolbar on their web browser or you should put an Alexa widget installed on your website & blog.

That means the blogs under the niche Blogging, Technology will have a better Alexa Rank compared with the blogs which are not related to Tech Stuff.

In this article I won’t be suggesting you tips like Install Alexa Widget, claim your site, ask people to write a review etc. Instead will be revealing you the exact strategy using which you can improve the Alexa Rank right away.


Understand Alexa Ranking System first

The very first thing you need to do is understand Alexa Rank system first then focus on the key areas. Alexa only count those visitors who passes through their systems via installed Alexa Toolbar on their browser. Now the question is who are people install Alexa Toolbar on to their browser?

The answer is Webmasters, Bloggers and Techy People. Now, the point is very clear. Get traffic from these audience and your Alexa Rank will boost faster.

That is the reason why blogs related to SEO, blogging Tips and Tricks have a good Alexa Rank whereas blogs related to Gadgets, Health, lifestyle and other topics would not have a good Alexa Ranking.


How to get Traffic from Bloggers, Web Masters and Tech People?

This is completely dependent on how creative you are. You can come up with some creative ideas to drive traffic to your blog from Bloggers and Web Masters. Below I listed few best ways that might help you;

Be Active on Social Media

These days almost everyone is on Facebook. Also there are many groups on Facebook where bloggers are very active. Target those groups and try to be active over there. Don’t try to spam because these groups would be having a very strict moderation and you will trashed out right away if you do some spam my activity. Try to build trust and authority then you can share your content and drive some traffic via these groups.

Be Active on Google Plus

Google Plus is a place where not many people are active but the people who are active on Google Plus are Webmasters and SEO geeks. So, if you take advantage of it you can drive a lot of high quality traffic to your blog/Website.

Write about Blogging Tips Tricks, if not share you’re Blogging Experiences

People who read about Blogging are Bloggers. Even though the traffic might be low its highly targeted traffic. If your blog is not related to Blogging Tips then you can write about your experiences in Blogging and share it on various social networks to get some eye balls.

Go for Alexa Pro (Not Recommended for Everyone)

If your blog is receiving very high traffic then you can go pro. Pro membership can help blogs that get high traffic but blogs with less traffic you would see a negative impact.

Last & Important Words

If you focus on content and building a brand then your Alexa should automatically boost up. The above tips would certainly help but building a brand would help you in overall aspects. If you are a business struggling to improve Alexa Rank then you can try Alexa Ranking Boosting service.

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