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How to Create Live Reaction Poll on Facebook within 5 Minutes

Live Reaction Poll

Hi, Friends Today I will show you how to create Facebook live poll video via using Live Reaction Poll Tool or you can say polling Scrip.

These days, Live Reaction poll videos are becoming viral on Facebook, this is the best method to generate like on Facebook and also it will help you increase an engagement on your Facebook. This marketing strategy is becoming viral, but probably you don’t know “how to create a live reaction polling video”.

Let’s talk about how to create live polling video to Drive an engagement on your Facebook page via Live Reaction Poll on Facebook, if you are not a coder don’t worry, you no need to do coding. Just follow the simple steps and create your own Live Reaction Polling script for Facebook and go live with your friends and audience to ask a simple question by Live Facebook Poll.

Facebook Live Poll Video – What is this?

A polling video is basically a simple live video which contain following elements

  • A Question
  • 2 or 3 images to represent you answer
  • And the reaction a user is supposed to pick
  • We also need a vote counter that are updated in real time.

How to Create Facebook Live Reaction poll video in 5 Minutes without codding.

Follow the below given steps carefully and don’t miss a single step


  1. Download a Live Reaction Poll Script from here
  2. Download OBS (Open Broadcasting Studio) from here
  3. Facebook Access Token
  4. Facebook Post ID (See below how to get post id)

How to Get Facebook Post ID For Live Poll Video

  • Go to your page and click on videos>then click on video library
  • Click on +Live Button
  • Click Next and Click on Setting icon>click embed>and get your post id
  • click OK and don’t close live post windows
Facebook Live Reaction Poll
How to Get Facebook Post ID For Live Poll Video

Note: Before going on next step please download all above files.

Steps to create Live Reaction Poll Video

  1. Go to Script Folder> Open folder 208195928> Images
  2. Replace Part1 and part2 image with your options
  3. Open Background.PSD in Photoshop and edit your background according to your question and leave the blank space for your options
  4. Get your Facebook Access Token
  5. Get your post ID
  6. Go to Script folder and right Click on index.htm and edit with notepad.exe
  8. Paste your access token and post id and save
  9. Install and Open Broadcast studio
  10. Click on + icon in Screen Section> Rename Screen name > click ok
  11. Click on + icon in source section > select browser source > Rename >and click ok
  12. Tick on Local> set width = 720 and hight = 405 > click on browse and select index.html file and open
  13.  adjust screen – right click on screen > go to transform > select fit to screen

Live reaction poll

create facebook live reaction poll video


How to setup Stream function in OBS (open broadcast studio)

  1. Click on Setting >select steam and past steam URl and Steam Key
  2. after the above step click on start streaming and go live on Facebook

live reaction

live reaction poll


Also Watch this video for the better help.



this is the complete guide to create Facebook live reaction poll video. also read our more article and share if you like this tutorial.

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comment below your questions and errors, i will be happy to help you




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