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TubeBuddy – To enhance your YouTube Views, Best Tool

increase YouTube views

If you are a publisher or are thinking of launching a YouTube channel, you must pay attention to this post. because here i am going to introduce a tool to get a million views on YouTube

I am going to talk about a powerhouse tool in this post today that will help you manage, optimize and grow your YouTube channel.

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The name of this tool is TubeBuddy and it comes with many such features so that you can get the most out of YouTube. And its best thing is that all its features are within your normal YouTube interface.

Tubebuddy works as an extension in your browser, so you will not need to switch to the web browser and any other tool to use it again and again.

Apart from feature-packed premium plans, it also offers a free version of its tool, which also has many useful features already. It means you can start completely free too!

Hack to Increase YouTube Views

So let us look at all the ways by which it can grow your YouTube channel and can help you to get a million views on YouTube and you could earn even more money from YouTube.

Great Features of TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy works as a menu in YouTube for easy access.

Tag Explorer – Find the best and most popular tags for your videos easily!

Publish to Facebook: Easily upload your YouTube videos as native videos on Facebook.

A / B Testing -A / B test titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnails

The best time to publish – it automatically captures the best time for publishing your videos.

GIF Generator – You can also create a GIF image from any specific part of your video.

Brand Alerts – Whenever someone mentions your channel, it also gives you alert.

Competitor Scorecard – Keeps track of your competition also.

Description Promotion – Promote any one of your videos easily in your second video description!

Apart from this, a lot of features are available in this great tool, which you can check in this list.

Get started with TubeBuddy:

Now I will tell you here how to install its Google Chrome Extension. They also have a Firefox extension. The process for both browsers will be same.

First, go to TubeBuddy‘s website.

Then click on the button “Install Free on Chrome”.

hack to increase youtube views

After this you will reach Google Chrome’s extension site.

Click on Add to Chrome option on this page.

free youtube blast

You will now see the Tubebuddy icon in the top right in Chrome:

youtube views hack online

Now you have to go to YouTube. If your YouTube channel is not properly linked, you will receive this warning:

TubeBuddy Guide

If you follow this, you will also get a full guide to TubeBuddy Process.

Once your channel is properly linked, you will see a new TubeBuddy Drop down Panel whenever you go to YouTube:

youtube views hack 2016

This pannel lets you add many powerful features to YouTube. I will tell you about some of the most popular features.


Tag Explorer: Make your video rank higher!


You must know how important the Google Keyword planner tool is for Traditional SEO. Similarly, Tag Explorer brings the same power to YouTube. It finds Best Tags for adding to your YouTube videos.

Tags are important to rank your YouTube videos. And if you quickly find the best tags then it will be a great advantage and you will be able to get more views quickly.

To access Tag Explorer, you just have to click on the TubeBuddy icon and then select Tag Explorer:

how to get a million views on youtube hack

Enter one of your keywords and TubeBuddy will automatically identify you with the best related tags:

how to hack youtube views and likes


Publish on Facebook – Take advantage of Native Facebook Videos!


TubeBuddy makes it easy to publish your YouTube videos to Facebook. But the best thing about this is that it publishes your video as a YouTube video but not as a native Facebook video.

This gives you all the benefits of Native Facebook videos like auto playing.

It’s easy to publish a video to Facebook. All you have to do is click on the Bulk button and then click on the button on Bulk Publish to Facebook.

youtube views hack


A / B Testing – Finding The Best Title Etc.


Another powerful optimization tool that is included in TubeBuddy, A / B Testing. You can also do the same A / B testing principles that you use to optimize your websites, to enhance your YouTube video views:

youtube views hack

You can test your video titles, tags, descriptions and thumbnails to A / B so that you can find the most effective options for your videos. Which means more revenue and more revenue than ads on your channel.


Best Time to Publish – Maximize Your Views

Whenever you publish a video, you should publish at a time when most people are online With TubeBuddy, you do not need to guess that time.

increase YouTube views

TubeBuddy will tell you the exact hour of day when you should publish your videos:

increase YouTube views

You can maximize your views by publishing your videos at the right time.


Brand Alerts – Know when someone has mentioned you on YouTube


You can set alerts about yourself and your competitors so that you can be aware of the number of mentions that are happening. By setting alerts, you can take advantage of the time when people refer to your channel, so that you can overcome your competition.

Tracking mention in YouTube is equally important as it is important to track your mention in any and social media.

TubeBuddy Pricings – Free and Affordable Paid Plans

TubeBuddy offers four different pricing tiers. They have a free version with some limited features, and there are also available three different premium plans.

TubeBuddy Plans

There are some key features such as Facebook Publishing and Bulk processing in Free Plan. The version of Tag Explorer is also quite limited, which makes it less effective for YouTube SEO.

Yet this is a great option if you are going to start your own YouTube channel right now. If you already have a premium channel then you will definitely benefit greatly by choosing any premium plan. These plans give you a great tag explorer, bulk processing tools so that you can quickly manage all of your videos.

If you want to save money in any premium plan, the coupon code to me TubeBuddy so that you can save 25% on your purchase (Use coupon: Tech2Post).


My final thoughts

TubeBuddy is one of the most popular YouTube tools. It has many powerful features that will help you to hack YouTube views in 2017 and grow your YouTube channel.

It is also easy to use because every single feature is found within your YouTube Dashboard. TubeBuddy will definitely help you earn more money from YouTube to get even more views.

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