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How Someone’s Facebook Can Be Still Monitored Amid Strict Privacy

Ever since news about Facebook accounts becoming compromised started circulating around, the social media giant has tightened its privacy settings across the platform. With people looking for various Facebook spy tools to gain access to someone’s account every now and then, the company did everything it could to keep the platform safe from the hackers.

For every add-on and feature Facebook offered, including Facebook Messenger, the company did not stay behind in implementing strict privacy settings across them. Now, every user is allowed to control their activity on the platform. They can make decisions regarding who can see their future posts, who can send them friend requests, who can look up for them using the email address or phone number they have provided, etc.

Despite strict privacy settings across different mediums on Facebook, the platform can still be monitored. Yes, you heard that right. It is indeed possible to keep a track of someone’s Facebook account amid strict privacy protocols deployed by Facebook. Let’s find out how it is possible.

The Introduction of Facebook Monitoring Apps

Thanks to the advancement in technology, Facebook spy apps, and several other Facebook hack solutions are being used to monitor someone’s Facebook activity. While monitoring is an entirely different concept than hacking, many people still feel it’s an illegal practice and should be avoided.

It turns out, Facebook monitoring is not a bad practice as it seems to be especially if you’re doing it for the right reason. You may want to monitor someone’s Facebook account for one of these three reasons: to check your child’s Facebook activity including reading their Facebook Messenger conversations, to keep a check on your spouse’s Facebook activity to make sure they are not cheating on you and to keep tabs on your employee’s Facebook activity to make sure they are not using the social media site during office hours.

So, when Facebook monitoring is being done for the right purpose, it should not be considered an unethical task. However, the only thing you need to remember is, you need to monitor someone’s Facebook account secretly because you wouldn’t want the other person to get offensive or become angry as nobody would want their social media account to be monitored by someone.

Therefore, when you are planning to monitor someone’s Facebook, you have to do it secretly without the target person finding out.

Are Facebook Monitoring Apps Effective?

When you look up for Facebook hack tools on the internet, you will come across several websites and links claiming to hack a Facebook account effectively. However, only a few of them really work. Most of Facebook monitoring websites are redundant or have become obsolete.

There are some Facebook spy apps that may ask you to enter your email address and then spam your inbox with unnecessary information. On the other hand, some Facebook spy links may ask you to fill out an online survey in order to obtain your private data and some may ask you to download a third-party app to continue to the result.

Now all these Facebook hack methods coming up with pointless requirements are good for nothing. The majority of them are completely fake; they have been developed only with a hope to receive a good number of visits and downloads.

The Facebook monitoring app that does not require any of the above information and does not come up with any unrealistic demands is the one you should be using to monitor someone’s Facebook account. The validity of these apps can be tested by having information about the organization running behind it.

An effective Facebook monitoring app will never ask you to download a third-party app, to fill out an online survey, or to enter your target person’s email address to begin the process. In order to monitor someone’s Facebook, all you need to do is download the monitoring app, get it deployed on the target cell phone by getting physical access for a few minutes and then wait for the app to log their Facebook activity and share on your online dashboard.

The monitoring app effectively records all their Facebook activity and transports the data to your online dashboard from where you can actually get to remotely monitor their activity from anywhere and at any time.

The good thing is that these monitoring apps remain undetectable on the target cell phone and do not allow them to tamper with it. This means your target may not be able to find out about the cell phone monitoring app that is installed on their device and is secretly spying on their Facebook activity. Therefore, if you want to keep tabs on someone’s Facebook activity, the best way to go about it is by using Facebook monitoring apps. With them at your disposal, you will be able to surpass the privacy controls set by Facebook and will be able to monitor their entire Facebook activity. 

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