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The Latest OnePlus 5T Has Finally Been Revealed!


oneplus 5t

OnePlus is launching its new flagship phone today, refining the OnePlus 5t Display Beverages is joining in the most popular trends of 2017, but the desire to participate in another popular change by maintaining the headphone jack. Stops. The new OnePlus 5T is slightly longer than OnePlus 5, although it fits into a 6-inch OLED display in the same footprint similar to the first 5.5 inch device. OnePlus has worked with its dual-camera system again, so the secondary camera has become a dedicated low-light shooter, and it has already refined the polished and attractive design of 5. If you like OnePlus 5, but want to see it with only one of those fancy baseless-deprived displays, this new phone is your answer to your expectations.

Since the biggest change in 5T is the display, let’s get it right. With a new 18: 9 aspect ratio and a slightly awkward resolution of 1080 x 2160, 5T is once foreign and familiar, its pixel density of 401 ppi is enough to ensure clean, sharp images, and the oneplus on tuning color rendering Due to the hard work, you can already tell that this is not an OLED display. There is a wide set of color calibration options, including SRGB, so the taste of most people should be applied to this screen. The unfamiliar thing about this is a long-form, which has started to popularize this year with Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X and a few others.

oneplus 5t

Before today’s announcement I spent some time with OnePlus 5T, and I can say that its ergonomics did not face a dough with a big change in performance. Yes, the fingerprint sensor is now on the rear rather than the front, but it is still fast as everything, because it has always been, and the same plus has added a new face-unlocking feature for those moments when you It wants to reach the sitting phone, face unlock uses only front-face camera on a surface, it is not as complicated as the face ID of the apple, but it still with amazing accuracy and speed Program is that I recommend the use of any hesitation I consider the convenience than security, so I do not do.

Samsung-made performance impressed me too, due to the sufferings of LG’s OLED screen on V30 and Pixel 2 XL, I was happy to hear that OnePlus had secured some Samsung’s better panels for its new device. I like to see the colors of this phone’s color reproduction, angles and sharpness, and I rank very much in the list of the most attractive performances of year near the Galaxy S8 and iPhone X.

oneplus 5t

oneplus 5t

Transferring the fingerprint sensor to the rear can not be a favorite change of everyone, and OnePlus says that it tests some very thin fingerprint scanners for the front, but in my opinion this is a good change. The reader should really be in the central position, it should be, and you can easily find it with the index of any hand. OnePlus has used ceramic to cover the fingerprint scanner, which was colored with the anodized aluminum of the rear shell of the phone. An important point: OnePlus 5T will be available in black only at least launch.

There is no bigger part to be said about the spirit of OnePlus 5T, because it is deliberately kept similar to OnePlus 5. The company was caught in a single thin profile, measuring only 7.3 mm in thickness, and demanding to optimize the components that occupy the place, you still get 3,300 mAh battery, which is proprietary dash charge fast- Charging is the technology. And you still have lost wireless charging or waterproofing. OnePlus told me that it seems that the time of wireless charging has not come yet, with which I agree. It may be that next year, with the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and LG flagship devices, all things can support Qi Charging.

oneplus 5t

According to the spec sheet of 5T, it is difficult to separate it from OnePlus 5. Snapdragon 835 processor returns with Adreno 540 graphics, and therefore two storage and RAM options: With 64 GB you can choose between 6 GB of RAM, with 128 GB of storage or 8 GB of RAM. There is no microSD memory extension on the board, but you will get two nano-SIM slots. I like Bluetooth 5 support, which has been linked to AptX HD support for some future-proofing measures regarding future wireless audio devices. That being said, I also like that OnePlus 5T is still a headphone jack

In addition to the new display, there is one of the biggest fresh fresh novel camera systems with 5 Plus. Instead of using a broad and telephoto lens traditional combo – the company did in OnePlus 5 – the new phone comes equipped with a second “low-light camera”. Both the main sensor, which remains unchanged from OnePlus 5, and the new has a F / 1.7 aperture on the lens, so when you tap on the shutter, lots of light can be found. OnePlus says that under very low light conditions, 5T will automatically switch to its secondary, which is believed to be better suited for those shots. I can not say that I can fully understand that it is better for less light, because the new sensor has a resolution of 1μm pixels (main camera is 1.12μm pixels larger) and somewhat 20-megapixel resolution, but its proof The test will be in. OnePlus is bringing back its portrait mode from 5, which is expected to improve considerably in the post-release period of the earlier phones in the summer.

oneplus 5t

On the software front, the management of the ship with Android 8 Oreo gets disappointing, the release becomes disappointing, you will get the Android 7.1 Nogate release, as well as the company will make a standard promise to update its device as soon as possible. An interesting new addition with 5T is the so-called parallel application, which will allow you to clone an app and run many instances: the most useful is for social apps like Whatsapp or Twitter, where you can access multiple accounts simultaneously can do .


OnePlus5T will be on sale for 64 GB models in Europe, India and the United States, at € 499, $ 32,999, and $ 499 respectively. 128GB will increase those prices to € 559, ₹ 37,999 and $ 559, the cost of the US is $ 20 compared to earlier, though current and current publishing of Apple and Samsung are now rising more than $ 1,000, this latest There should not be too much hindrance for those tempted by technology and skin display beams.

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