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Link Building Techniques in 2017 – SEO Guide

link building techniques 2017

Nowadays, nothing is a secret in SEO that a link building is the most important skill for the ranking. If you want more traffic and search visibility in search engines like google. Link building is must.

In this guide I am going to show you, how to do link building and how to search quality sites for link building. I will also provide you the link building sites list. This link building tutorial will teach you each and everything about link building strategies.

In the 2017, there is little bit change but it will not put negative effect on your site if you follow this link building guide step by step.

Now the Question is, What Is Link Building?

Link building is the technique in SEO where we create a backlink on other sites for our website. So that users can click on hyperlink and they can easily visit to your website. Backlink from a quality website, which have huge amount of traffic can be your quality backlink and you will get huge referral traffic from the site.

Why we Use Link Building in SEO?

This is most important question that you have to understand why we use link building in SEO, the main purpose of link building technique is to create high authority of your web page. After analyzing your content google looked at how may sites are link to your page and the page with good quality backlink will get more visibility in search engine.

According to my own research I found that linking to your page matter more than any other SEO factor to increase domain authority and page authority.

Note: According to the official announcement google no more use PageRank algorithm but they still use this important factor to rank your web page.

Types of Link Building

There are many types of link building strategy, some of called black hat techniques and some are genuine which is called white hat technique. The aggressive link building can be harmful to your website so always keep in mind all the google plagiarism and create quality backlink for your website and go slowly. There are following techniques that we are going to discuss below.

  1. Directory Submission: the oldest method to create a do-follow backlink by doing this you can create many do-follow links for your website but it will take some time in approval, sometime it takes more than 6 months to get approval. If follow the all guideline of directories then it will be easier to get approval otherwise they banned you permanently. You can find the directory submission sites from here or look into my old article to know how to do directory submission and on high PR Directory submission sites


  1. Social Bookmarking: This is also an old and basic technique to create backlink. Most of the social bookmarking sites give you No-follow backlink, but if you are good in finding good and do-follow social bookmarking site then it will be great.


Social Bookmarking Sites List and How to Do Guide


Latest Link Building Strategies in 2017

1. Skyscraper Technique

Skyscraper Technique by Brian Dean: The skyscraper technique is invented by Brian Dean ( it is a content driven link building technique that takes advantages of this.

According to the case study you can boost your traffic by building a quality backing by skyscraper technique (you can almost double your backlink within month)

How to do?

There are 3 steps to use skyscraper technique to get high quality backlinks from same niche sites

  • Find linkable content or blog where you can link your webpage
  • Make an improvised version of content
  • Reach out to the right people


For more info and video: Backlinko Skyscraper Technique


There are many techniques for link building and the all link building technique called of page SEO checkout the all techniques and site for link building in my previous article.

2. Steal Links from Low Rank Content

No matter what you write, there are thousands of other blogs post about your topic

For Example: a simple search on google “what is SEO” and thousands of results return

That means you are not the blogger who write on same topic there are many.

But, if you are providing high quality of content then it could be better than others. It’s likely that some of low ranked blog have some bunch of links

Steal their links and do a link building


Here is how to do it?


  • Find a great content of your blog
  • Find a low rank content on web about same topic
  • Now steal their backlink via site explorer


After you found low ran content, copy their URL And paste them into Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool:

Also Read: What is Keyword Density, Prominence, and Proximity?

This tool will tell you the backlink of the URL, Now download the all backlink URLs from Ahrefs and reach out to the linkers and let them know about your Quality content.


For example


“Hey [NAME],




I was just reading one of your posts and noticed you linked out to [INSERT RESOURCE].


Great post!


I actually just published an updated (and somewhat superior) version of that exact post; though you might want to take a look?


Here’s the link:


I’d love to hear your thoughts!






If they like it, suggest that they may want to consider linking to your content instead of the inferior content.


3. Broken link Building Techniques


What is broken link? Broken link occurs when you link a valuable resource in your content and that are no longer available and when you click you land on 404 page not found – that’s called broken link

It’s mean the page or post was deleted

As you know in the SEO webmaster always look to fix the broken links because it gives negative experience to their visitors

3 Process to do this…!


  • Finding same related topic blog with one or more broken links
  • Reaching out to the blogger and alerting them of the problem
  • Suggesting they replace the broken link with a link to your content

Here is how to do it


Final words

These are the few link building techniques that I know. I personally like Skyscraper Technique and Competitor link steal technique (Revers link building). If you found the article good please share on social media platforms like Facebook, twitter LinkedIn.

If you have something new or better please share your thoughts below

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