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Make your Recruitment worth with Android Online assessment

Apps are trending these days and no doubt that if you come up with some of the best solutions related to apps then of course you would need an expert working on it. Of course, being high in demand, the number of potential candidates who would be applying for such type of role would also be high. However, situation may come that when you post a job opening for such role, you will get enormous response which is likely to confuse you. At such time, personal interview is not the only solution that will help you get the right candidate. You need to be clear and precise about your expectation and check if the person can fulfil it, and for this, assessment is must.

Know more about the Android Online assessment:

Talking about the assessment, at the time of recruitment if you organize an android online test for the android developers, you will come to know whether the person is actually a reliable source for you or not. The test is specially designed keeping the changing marketing trends in mind. It gives accurate result about the expectations and the solutions that a developer would come up with when it comes to solving the assessment. This clears your mind about which candidate is actually worth to make an investment and whether it can give you long time results or not.

Why to opt for the Android test?

This question often pops up in the mind of those recruiters who have never indulged themselves for such platform at the time of recruitment. Ideally, such type of test is the real online certification exam. You are given different Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) which are solely based on the concepts of the Android. Out of the four options, you need to make the choice on the right answer for the question and then proceed with the next question. The person who answers maximum questions in less time span is the one who would be selected for the next round of interview.

The role of Android Developers:

Such types of candidates are solely responsible for coming up with the customized apps solution on different Android platform. The platform is specially designed for writing the events code, user interface and even working up on the logics and activities that an app defines.  It is certainly not an easy task and that is why, a conclusion should be made only after a careful research.

Android test is the ultimate platform for you to come up with a right candidate. However, you need to be really sure about the person’s personality behaviour, the attitude towards changing working environment and how proactive he is with regards to the team involvement. Other than this, of course the technical round will give you a clear idea about his knowledge and skills with regards to using an Android platform. You can compare amongst different candidates and you will be able to know which one is more deserving and this way, you will be sure about the risk that you are actually incurring when you hire a candidate.


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