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Remove PDF File Password Using Google Chrome and Google Drive

Remove PDF File Password

Some time you stuck when you want to print PDF file which is protected by password. Also you cannot search or copy the content without removing pdf file password. So the question is, how to remove PDF file password? Is there any technique or software which can help to remove the PDF file password?

“The answer is, “yes” and it is already installed on your computer. The software is Google Chrome.

Method: 1

Let’s see “How to remove password from PDF file?

If we talk about Google Chrome it has already in-built PDF reader and a PDF writer, and we can combine these two features to unlock the PDF file from any document. Let’s see how:

Remove PDF Password

  1. Open any password protected PDF file with Google Chrome browser, you can also drag you file in to the browser to open with chrome.
  2. Chrome will now ask you the password of file. Please enter the password to open file
  3. Now press CTRL + P button to promote print option and chose the destination printer “save as PDF” and click the save button to save file, you can save anywhere.
  4. Google Chrome will now save your PDF file in to your computer but without password protection. Now you can print or copy the content from PDF file without any restrictions.

Method: 2

Print Password Protected PDF File with Google drive

The method is as simple as previous method. In this method you can print password protected PDF file without restrictions or errors and you can also unlock the Password protected PDF file permanently. Let’s see how..

PDF Google Drive

  1. Open your browser and go to the drive.google.com and upload your password protected PDF file.
  2. Now double click on your file to open in google drive viewer
  3. Now you will see the option to print and download the file. If you want to print the file click on print icon. Or if you want to unlock your PDF file permanently click on download icon.

The downloaded file is unlocked and all the print restrictions has been removed.


Final Words

This is the complete guide to “remove PDF file password” and to remove print restrictions from PDF file to print your document.

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