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The Role of AWS in HIPAA Compliance

Many people make use of the Amazon Web Services which is popularly known as AWS for storing data. This is a cloud service platform and it is completely secure. Many of you may consider using the AWS for the storing of HIPAA logs. If that is the case, then you must check out the exact role that AWS has in HIPAA compliance.

Complete Ownership of the Customer:

The end user has complete ownership of all the data that he stores. The user can add data and remove data as per his requirement. There is also nothing to worry as to how the third party applications will access this data on AWS as the end user is given complete control of this through AWS identity and access management. AWS is responsible for maintaining the security of the cloud and you as the end user has to maintain the security within the cloud.

The HIPAA Compliance factor of AWS:

Many people generally ask the question if HIPAA Compliance Certification policies are followed by AWS. Well, for this we need to understand how AWS can lead to HIPAA compliance. It is important to understand here that companies and business associates that are handling protected health information are audited in order to check if they are following all the compliance policies. AWS will help these healthcare companies follow the HIPAA policies. They will help in providing servers that are secure and Amazon will also see to it that the data services in the cloud are completely secure.

It should be noted that Amazon does have some HIPAA Certification and it also has certain audit systems. With this you can be sure that they do help in maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Understanding and Implementation of Policies of International Organization for Standardization:

The ISO has some very good security programs for Information Security Management Systems. These policies assure you of the following things:

  • Evaluation of the potential risks and also considering the threats in the company policies.
  • Designing and implementation of policies which will help you manage the potential risks
  • Adopting processes in order to fulfil the information system security needs

Amazon has ISO 27001 certification, which shows that it is committed towards security of all the data. Several third party audits show that AWS is a secure option.

The Service Organization Control (SOC) audit:

This audit checks if the key compliance controls are followed by AWS. It is prepared by Attestation Standard Section 801 (AT 801) and completed by Ernst & Young, LLP which are Amazon’s auditors. This report gives an idea about how AWS controls internal financial reporting.

Complete Security Measures:

Amazon provides secured e PHI logging storage. It should also be noted that a AWS business associate agreement has to be signed in order use different Amazon services for ePHI purpose. The Amazon ECS and Gateway also helps in ensuring that proper measures are being taken for HIPAA compliance.

Thus, one can make use of the AWS as it takes proper measures for HIPAA compliance. It is also important that you have proper HIPAA compliance training in order to make sure that all the different aspects of HIPAA are covered.

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