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How to Root, Unlock Bootloader and Install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo ZUK Z1

Lenovo ZUK Z1

Root Lenovo Zuk Z1 – Rooting will void your warranty, but you can explore more features of smartphone after root lenovo zuk z1.

Lenovo ZUK Z1 : A 5.5 inch Lenovo smartphone comes with a huge battery backup and powered by 2.5GHz. Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, also have a huge internal space for videos photos and documents. Lenovo ZUK Z1 have inbuilt 64GB internal Storage & 3GB of RAM for a better performance & gaming. Lenovo ZUK Z1 runs of 5.1 android lollipop you can also update official CM 13 via TWRP Recovery.

Root Lenovo ZUK Z1

Unlock, Root Lenovo ZUK Z1 & Install TWRP Recovery

The Lenovo smartphone comes with official CyanogenMod OS. That means you can easily unlock the bootloader of Lenovo ZUK Z1, Root and install TWRP Recovery on it. We also know that recently TWRP Recovery 3.0.0 is released for Lenovo Zuk Z1.

Root and install TWRP Lenovo ZUK Z1

Note: Please follow the all instructions carefully and step by step to avoid any damage or soft brick.

Before Root Lenovo Zuk Z1 you need to unlock the bootloader. Please follow the below instructions and unlock bootloader.

Download all Required Files.

Unlock Bootloader Lenovo ZUK Z1.

Note: it will erase your all data. We advise you to take a full backup before going on next step. Charge your phone at least 60% to 70% to avoid accidental shutdown and soft-brick

Step 1: First, enable ‘USB debugging’ and ‘OEM Unlock’ option from setting>developer option>. To enable Developer Options, go to about phone and tap the Build Number 7 times.

oem unlock

Step 2: Install ADB and fastboot driver for windows  or ADB and Fastboot for Mac and restart your PC, if you already have the driver installed then skip this step.

Step 3: After installation of the driver, you can see a folder named ADB in your installation directory. Enter into the folder and you find four files including ADB and fastboot.exe.


Step 4: Now press and hold ‘shift’ key and right-clicked anywhere in the folder and select ‘Open command window here’.


Step 5: Now connect your device to PC and enter into the fastboot mode. To enter in fastboot mode of Lenovo ZUK Z1 type the below command in command prompt

adb reboot bootloader

Step 6: You are in Fastboot mode now to check your connection by entering below command in command prompt. It will return your device serial number means your device properly connected. Check your driver if the above command is not responding.

fastboot devices

fastboot devices

Step 7: To unlock bootloader of ZUK Z1, go to the command line and type below command it will ask you to confirm the Action, you can confirm it by selecting ‘Yes’. It will only take seconds to complete the process.

fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go

Step 8: To check if your device is successfully unlocked

fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem device-info

Now you successfully unlocked your bootloader. Please follow the below steps to Root Lenovo Zuk Z1

How to Root Lenovo ZUK Z1 and install TWRP Recovery

Benefits of rooting your android smartphone.

  • You can uninstall all pre-installed application which you don’t want to keep in your phone.
  • Increase battery life & performance by killing background application process automatically.
  • You can install custom kernels & custom Roms
  • Install xposed framework to customize you device according to you comfort and need.
  • Block all ads with the help of AD Blockers
  • You can use Xmode game to install cheats for popular games (candy crush clash of clan etc..)

Install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo ZUK Z1

Step 1: Connect Your Lenovo Zuk Z1 with PC  and reboot the device into fastboot mode

adb reboot bootloader

Step2: Now check your device is connected properly via using this command. it will show your device info & serial No. that means your device is connected

fastboot devices

Step 3: Type the below code and flash custom recovery

fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash recovery recovery.img

Root Lenovo Zuk Z1 [Guide]

1) To Root Lenovo ZUK Z1 first, open the TWRP and Root Tool folder.

2) Now save the SuperSu.zip file to your phone.

3) Boot your device into Recovery mode (TWRP) by pressing ‘Volume Up + Power‘ button.

4) In TWRP recovery navigate to Install Zip and select ‘SuperSu.zip’ to root Zuk Z1.

5) Swipe to install SuperSu and reboot your device. That’s it, you root Zuk Z1 and install custom recovery on Zuk Z1 successfully.

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