Tuesday , April 23 2019

Tech News

Conquering the Challenges of Machine Learning Adoption

Machine Learning Adoption

Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning technologies have been around for a while. However, one thing that piques the curiosity of many is why most firms and organizations are not tapping into this field. Ideally, artificial intelligence systems use the analyzed data to process and deliver near accurate predictions, aside from determining …

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How Someone’s Facebook Can Be Still Monitored Amid Strict Privacy

facebook monitoring

Ever since news about Facebook accounts becoming compromised started circulating around, the social media giant has tightened its privacy settings across the platform. With people looking for various Facebook spy tools to gain access to someone’s account every now and then, the company did everything it could to keep the platform safe …

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Make Money Online by Facebook Research


FACEBOOK RESEARCH APP: $5 EVERY MONTH in your Paypal Facebook Research App give rewards for just keep it installed in your mobile. It runs in the background. The research app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps to improve the user experience. This research …

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Ideas to Enhance the business plan through Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps is among the most successful Google applications. It has more than a billion users searching for addresses or instructions on their devices. What’s Google Maps Marketing? Google Maps Marketing is the mixed version of all tools and resources. These only contribute towards improving your business by building up …

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Correct utilization of social media for directing traffic towards your virtual account

social media

The term social media is highly popular nowadays. The number of people who are online at any given point in time is beyond one’s imagination. As the world is expanding in the field of science and technology, the role of the cyber system has become extremely significant. In today’s world, …

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