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Tips to clean up you PC

Our computer hard drive accumulates all kinds of thing for slowing down the system and to overcome this you should eliminate unnecessary things from the computer. It is best to use PC optimization software to remove junk files, unwanted apps, blocks bloatware, cleans RAM, wipes various log, clears browser, clears caches and remove auto-run setting. There are many products in the industry where Iolo System Mechanic does deeper cleaning and restores maximum speed, power and stability for the system. This software finds and fixes over 30,000 different problems with intelligent live update to make the PC running stable. It also detects duplicate files, securely deletes data from the storage and acts as an alternative windows. Currently, there are many cleaning tool available in the market for Windows and Mac.

Protects from online privacy

It does not do cleaning inside the computer but also scans the computer to identify and isolate the files which can be corrupted or unnecessary. This is one of the main advantage to protect the system from online when your system is running slow. The PC cleaning tool removes files system error and adware which cause annoying pop-ups, warning and crashes. It is a comprehensive cleaning software which has powerful scanning engine to repair all kinds of error. It protects your system from all kinds of threat and makes your system run fast like anything.

Many new features

There are many new features like disk defragmentation, ActiveCare, LiveBoost, NetBooster, Incinerator and more. The disk defragmentation allows to increase the access the speed by rearranging files stored on the disk and reduces the file system fragmentation for increasing the efficiency of data retrieval. Activecare lets you to do advanced cleaning and repair moves more unsafe clutter and fixes more problems or when PC is idle. With LiveBoost you can adjust dozens of Window setting for a improved processor, memory and hard disk. NetBooster lets you to speed up internet, videos, downloads and games. By using, incinerator feature you can safely and permanently delete unwanted sensitive files.

Complete Cleaning tool

It does automatic scan for doing complete cleaning on online and offline activity as well as disables unnecessary startup apps to enhance Windows boot time. While cleaning, it fixes bug and makes your system come with a new hardware and it is easy to use. The Iolo System Mechanic Pro is easy to use and install on Windows as well as makes your application run smoothly without any issues. Sometimes, the file does not get fully deleted and the deleted file doesn’t disappear which becomes a part of the storage that puts other files on. Cache deletion is a much secure option for privacy oriented user and cleans more than 50 types of junk files. Security optimizer tool finds and plug Windows security holes with latest patches.

Maintains the PC

The cleaning tool does all the work to make the PC work like a new and also increases the overall stability of the system. It can diagnose and fix many problems. This tool blocks system changes and there is also option for the user to remove required files manually. The registry defragmentation is done optimize windows performance. It is compatible with all browser version like internet explorer, firefox, google chrome and AOL browser. This software works on like PCs like Windows 10, 8, 7 and other.

Final view

It is a reliable software for freeing up space and a comprehensive cleaning tool. You can also delete sensitive information and do compression for larger files. Some of the optimization software updates the outdated software to keep the system running steadily and to safeguard from all threats. This tool conserves your battery and also has anti- theft feature for your laptop. Tune up software resolves underlying and unknown issue from the computer.


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