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Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking in Google

Website Ranking

Increase Website Ranking in Google – SEO Trends 2017

What is SEO? – SEO stands for Search engine optimization, it is a process to optimize your website according to search engine’s guideline to rank No 1 in search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo)

So basically it is a way to improve your website ranking with few changes in your site to increase your visibility on search result page and you can also increase traffic on your website.

Types of SEO

When we talk about SEO there is a two types of optimization on page & off page. Both are very important to get good ranking in search engine

On page Optimization

All measure changes in your web page to improve your position in search result page is called on page optimization in SEO

Off Page Optimization

The all activities from outside for your website to improve website’s ranking is called off page optimization, for the off page optimization we create many high quality backlinks (incoming links to your site) with Dofollow & Nofollow attributes

Ways to Increase Your Website Ranking

To Do List for On Page Optimization


Keyword Research & Targeting

Here we are talking about SEO and it is very important to know that Content is king. Before writing any content do a proper keyword research and always target a long tail keywords to get better & relevant traffic and it will also help you to improve your Alexa ranking, (because relevant traffic gives you lesser bounce rate and bounce rate is the one of the most important factor in Alexa ranking)

Meta Title

Meta Title is a those Title which is visible in search result page, while creating a meta title always keep in mind that contain focused keyword of your page. And you can also put two or three important keywords which is relevant to your page. Always create a unique Meta title for your page. (Keep your title in 65-70 character limit)

Meta Descriptions

Meta description is a page description for search engines. It’s also play a main role in your SEO Ranking. Keep your Meta description in 170 character limit with all focus keywords

HTML Title tags with your keyword and Brand

Use all HTML Title Tags (H1, H2, H3, and H4) – You can use HTML Title tags with your keyword and brand name to improve your keyword ranking.

Use Canonical URL Tag to avoid duplicate content

If your website have duplicate page with the same content then you can use canonical tag to avoid duplicate content issue

XML Sitemap

Generate XML Sitemap and Submit your sitemap in Webmaster account to index you all web pages to generate XML Sitemap Visit: Sitemap.org


The robots exclusion standard, also known as the robots exclusion protocol or simply robots.txt, is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots. The standard specifies how to inform the web robot about which areas of the website should not be processed or scanned.

Google Webmaster

Create & Submit your website in google webmaster – Google Webmaster account will help you to track your website’s performance and you can also track you all backlinks which are coming to your site. Place a google webmaster verification code on your all webpages for better result

Google Analytics

Google analytics is an analytical tool by google to track your web traffic, here you can track all types of traffic like, referral, social and search, to install google analytic for your site fir create a account & generate google analytic code, and place that code on your all web pages.

Page Speed

Page speed is most important thing in SEO, A page with good load time easiliy appear on the top in search result.

Image Optimization with ALT Tag

Include relevant keyword related to image in ALT tag to improve visibility in google image search.

Internal Linking

Do a proper internal linking and always link your related post it will help you to improve your domain authority & page authority (A website with a good Domain authority will get more traffic by search engines)


Off Page Optimization Task List


Social Bookmarking

Submit you URL on social bookmarking sites with relevant title and description to gain backlinks. Always chose good site to create high quality backlinks, site selection is very important in all type of submission because bad links will not help you to get no 1 ranking in google.   

Article Submission

Submit articles on article submission site with unique content & get backlink from there if possible

Directory Submission

You can also do a directory submission to gain backlinks but don’t do more than 20 in a day.

RSS Submission

Submit you RSS Feed URL in RSS submission sites to get more subscribers & readers

Document Submission

Document sharing will also help you to get more crowd on your site and it will also help you to build awareness for your product

Guest Posting

With a guest posting you will gain more quality backlinks & relevant users for you site and it will also increase a words in media to build a good product awareness

Classified Submission

Submit your services on classified submission sites to get more traffic to your website & you can also generate a potential leads to your business by doing classified submission

Local Listing

You can also list your portal on local listing site like justdial, yellow pages etc.


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