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White Hat SEO Techniques for Gambling Sites

 SEO Techniques for Gambling Sites

Till now you have read everywhere how SEO on a Normal website is done and how to rank a website in the Google search engine. But today we will talk about how to do SEO of a gambling website.

Nobody want to link gambling and online casino related content and websites, because gambling is a social evil and gambling is not considered good in society and people do not want to promote it. But it would not be a lie that even today online casinos and gambling websites have become a huge source of income, it has become a business and this business has a lot of money. Now here it is a huge challenge in front of Digital Marketers, how to do SEO of the online casino sites and how to rank it in Google, and also keep in mind that this will not harm Google’s Search Engine Guidelines,

So, here we will discuss on “How to do SEO of Gambling Websites by using White Hat SEO Techniques” while keeping in mind all the search engine guidelines


#1. Web 2.0 Blog

Web 2.0 is one of the websites where we can create our website that is absolutely free. And on this free website, we can create blogs and on that blogs, we can write articles for websites like Gamble and online casino, and we can link them to our website for which we want to do SEO. From here you can get a lot of good backlinks for your website.

What we know is how backlinks are important to rank any website. With the help of these backlinks, Google gives ranking to the websites in search engine

#2. Forum Posting

Forum posting is the one of the most popular and very effective way of link building in SEO, we can also do forum posting for the gambling websites on the same related topics and gambling related forums.

#3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is the oldest but effective method of link building, as we know “old is gold” this will definitely help to boost ranking in SERP (search engine result page)

Here is the list of High PR Social Bookmarking sites

#4. Directory Submission

Directory submission is the best technique to gain DO-follow links for any website. If you put some time on these websites and submit your website accordingly. You will get a high-quality backlink for your website.

Here is the list of High PR Directory Submission sites

#5. Guest Posting

Try to find gambling related niche blogs and ask them to link back to your website or ask them to submit content with a do-follow backlink. This technique always works for any kind of business, somebody says that guest posting is dead but it’s not true, if you did it well, “you will get quality backlink”.

Final words

The above methods which you can use to do SEO of gambling website and by using this technique you can increase the visibility of your website in search engine.

Please share if you found it helpful. You can also ask questions in the below comment box.

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