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5 Advantages Of In-House Servers Vs Cloud

Are you thinking of replacing the servers that has usually outgrown or you are looking to adopt cloud servers? No matter whichever option you select, it is very essential that you are well aware of both the technologies. Unless and until deep study is made on the pros and cons of the in-house servers and cloud servers, one might fail to obtain necessary benefits. The choice is yours buts its selection would really impact your business on a daily basis.

In-house servers are used to store information, host applications and shares files and emails. These are located within the company and are the perfect option for small scale businesses. The best of such servers is that you can have complete control on them as it is located within the company. Cloud server on the other hand is managed by the service providers and is managed by the professionals itself. Entire changes relating to upgrades, modifications are made by the cloud service providers only.

Essential factors why one should choose in-house servers over cloud

Have physical control on the server

The best part of the in-house servers is that it provides physical control over the server. The user or the company itself controls the entire set up. Unlike cloud servers, one need not depend upon the service providers to make necessary changes. The business can meet its requirements itself while making suitable changes by own. In the cloud based server, you need to poke the IT expert to get it upgraded or modified. This however is not the case with the in house servers.

Fulfils the specific requirement of the business

Having complete control upon the changes of the servers, one can fulfil the specific requirement of the business. Changes can be suitably made without consulting or waiting for the professionals to respond on your idea. Moreover, it does not require monthly costs to do so. However, annual maintenance costs have to be incurred in order to maintain the functionality of the servers.

Critical data are secured

As it is managed by the business owner itself, it is quite easy to secure the critical and most essential data. The chances of data split or exposure is bit high in the case of on site or cloud servers. You need not disclose it to any IT professional who might further risk your data and profile as well.

Data can be restored through frequent back up

No matter wherever you are, you can back up the data files from your desktop, smart phones, tablets and so on. This greatly reduces the risk of data losses due to sudden file or hardware crash. Back up should be done on specific interval so that you might avoid the risk of sudden data losses.

Buy as much storage as required

As per the requirement of the business, one can add suitable storage spaces in it. The costs incurred on buying storage spaces are different and can be ascertained as per the requirement of the business. This in fact is highly suitable for big data analytics that is performed by the business as the volume of data is quite large.

Even there are several benefits of cloud servers as well. Some of them are:

  • The capital investment in on site based cloud servers is less. This is however not with the case of in-house servers. You need not spend on the maintenance and updates of the cloud servers.
  • The data of your company is in safe hand and there are hardly any risks of data losses or theft. In a highly secured platform, the chance of data exposure becomes minimal.
  • The data recovery costs are not too high as in the case of in-house servers. The company itself manages the data security and works on the security system of the cloud servers.

Nowadays, the IT professionals are approving for mixed or hybrid servers. In-house servers are suitable when you want to change or make necessary upgrades on regular basis. However, when you are tight with the cash flow and fail to spend on such servers, cloud based servers would be a better option. Companies nowadays look for hybrid server network that is highly secured. Even if you want to secure some essential data to your home, choose in-house servers.

Regular advancements are taking place in order to remove the cons of prospective servers. As per the changing business needs, servers should be selected appropriately. These form the basis of your daily activities and various online prospects. Business having several virtual workers should surely adopt cloud servers. Go through the HPE parts online and know the pros and cons considerably. When you are investing on any of them, you need to check out your business requirements and overall consequences which you have to face with particular option.

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