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How to install windows 10 using Bootable USB

install windows 10 using Bootable USB

Windows 10 – Microsoft’s latest version of windows operating system is now trending search just because of its looks and features. There are many features to utilize in daily use. Here I am going to introduce windows 10 and it’s installing process using USB storage device.

Note: I am not providing you a cracked version of windows 10 or any other pirated software please download windows 10 ISO file with official page (If you need then you can download it on own risk)



  • USB storage Device (Pen Drive) – 8 GB or more
  • Windows 10 ISO File
  • Rufus (A tool to create bootable USB for windows)
  • A working laptop or PC with windows operating system (Windows 7, XP, Vista)

How to Create Bootable USB for windows 10

Bootable USB for windows 10
Create Bootable USB for windows 10

Before going on below steps please download rufus.exe. without Rufus you will not able to create your windows 10 bootable USB, to create your bootable USB please follow the below given instruction carefully.


Step 1: Connect your USB Storage Device with windows Laptop or PC

Step 2:  Double Click on Rufus.exe and open the file

Step 3: Select your USB Device

Step 4: Click on CD-Drive Icon and select your windows 10 ISO file

Step 5: Check these options (quick format, create bootable disk, Create extended label)

Step 6: Final step – Click on start button and wait….

Installing Windows 10 Using Bootable USB – now you are with your bootable USB of Windows 10, take backup of your PC /Laptop. Installing windows 10 will remove your C: Drive’s Data.


How to Install Windows 10 Using Bootable USB

Install Windows 10 Using Bootable USB
Install Windows 10 Using Bootable USB

Before installing windows 10 via Bootable USB Make sure your first bootable device is USB if not then please configure your bios setting and Set your first boot device USB. And you can also select a boot option while booting your PC

Step 1: Connect USB drive and boot with your USB storage Device.

Step 2: you will see the massage (Press any key to boot) Press any key.

Step 3: wait until you boot into installation mode

Step 4: Click on install, select language and Keyboard Then Click Next

 Step 5: Chose Upgrade option for upgrading your PC from older version of windows operating system. Or select custom advance for clean install

Step 6: chose your Primary System Drive where you want to install windows 10 operating system

Step 7: Select Drive and Format first before going next

Step 8: after formatting drive select formatted drive and click on next

Step 9: Wait for the installing Process (while installing process your system will restart several times, please don’t panic)


Congratulations…! your installing process of windows 10 is done now you can enjoy.!


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