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Google AdWords vs. Organic SEO: A Quick and Straightforward Comparison

google adwords vs seo
Google Adwords VS SEO

After your website designs are complete and you have filled it with relevant content, the next big step to take is the marketing part. As because the ultimate goal is to get customers for your business, you have to drive the traffic to your website. Google AdWords and Organic SEO are the effective tools which work on different strategies to achieve the common goal of making your website competitive in the online arena. This article will provide you with a quick comparison between the two strategies. I have done the comparison based on certain performance parameters such that it would be easier for you to decide as which one better suit your requirements and budget.

Google AdWords VS Organic SEO

Time frame:

How much time frame are you comfortable with when it comes to driving traffic to your website is an important point to consider. With Google AdWords or the Pay per Click strategy, you will get instant results. Once your AdWords campaign is setup, you start receiving targeted traffic to your website. On the other hand, Organic SEO is a time taking process. It is not a onetime phenomenon. Instead it needs changing the policies and strategies on a consistent basis.

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Changes to the website:

Google takes the payment on click basis in the Google AdWords scheme. Every time a visitor clicks your website, you will pay the specified amount to Google. This process does not have any impact on the structure or design of your website. On the other hand, in the Organic SEO platform you may have to tell your website design Company to make some modifications to your website designs.

keyword targeting
keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting:

In a Google AdWords campaign, you have the privilege to select from a specific set of keyword terms. As a result, Google targets your website based on that limited list of relevant keywords. However, in an Organic SEO campaign the crawling takes place spanning a large number of keyword terms. So, the results can be difficult to measure in the short span.

Display choice:

If you have opted out for the Organic SEO strategy, Google will show up your website under the main search results. But Google AdWords has a competitive advantage over here. In this case, Google displays the results in the sponsored sections as well in the other websites that host the Google’s Adsense units.

Change in Strategy:

One important distinction between Google AdWords and Organic SEO is that both work on different background procedures. In the former campaign, Google checks out for a specific set of keywords to display your website in the search results. But the Organic SEO campaign needs you to make changes to the concepts such as updating the content of your website, building backlinks to the website etc. so as to attract the search engine.

User Experience
User Experience

User experience:

If you are opting out for a long term commitment towards making the user experience of your website better, then Organic SEO would be a better choice over Google AdWords. This is because you need to put more emphasis on your website content to be successful through SEO. This will in turn allow you to add more value to your website and thus improving the user experience.



If you are limited in your budget, then Google AdWords would be a viable option because here you will have the flexibility to set a particular rate and a specific time period. Also, you can terminate the campaign at any moment of time. But, Organic SEO needs an upfront cost and you need to have patience to see the results.


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