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Google AdWords Advertising Strategy

While Google AdWords promoting isn’t for everybody, I don’t think anybody could turn down ₹2000 of free publicizing for their site! Google offers every new customer a ₹2000 coupon to experiment with their administrations. There’s definitely no responsibility regarding this, no automatic charging should you forget to discontinue, no deposit, simply great old free cash! Just complete a search in Google for “Google AdWords promoting ₹2000 coupon”


  • But, it Costs excessively! Free credit aside, the primary issue of most people who attempt Google AdWords promoting is the cost. Individuals will pay several ₹ for each click for some highly competitive keyword. That looks like paying a few ₹ for 1 lead! I have a procedure to bring down that cost. I woke up early today, signed into my Google AdWords record and saw an average of ₹10 per click, better?


  • Cutting down Advertising Costs, The way to bringing down the cost of click through is with Banner advertising. While this sets aside somewhat more opportunity to setup, you can for the most part hit very competitive keywords at around 5-15% of what it would cost you for text advertisements. This is still the same traffic that you would develop from your text ad. I need to address two concerns you might have at this moment, You don’t need to have a costly visual computerization studio to make attractive banners – you can download a free graphic designing tool called “gimp” that you can use to design your banners· You don’t need to be a visual graphic expert – I drew every one of my banner myself and I have zero training in any artistic field, it’s basically about conveying the desired information. My click through rate is around 0.39% which may appear to be low, yet considering the normal banner click through rate percentage of 0.2 – 0.3%, it’s actually no bad at all! (Source: Wiki Click through Rate).


  • Optimizing Banner Campaigns, Here are some general tips that I have taken after to get not too bad click through rates with low cost per click with Google AdWords promoting. Keyword Research – focus around 2-3 primary keywords that are 100% related with what you need to advertise. Use the Google AdWords Advertising Keyword Tool to get some more keyword ideas. Try and develop 200-300 targeted keywords, keywords must be specific to what it is you are promoting. This doesn’t need to be done at the same time, begin with 50-100.


  • Banner Design –your banner’s message is more important than your keyword focusing, you want audience that are interested in exactly what you are advertising. For instance, in the event that I am promoting whey protein isolate, I need my banner to pass on exactly that. Not whey protein, not protein, not health supplements, I need individuals to tap on my banner that are particularly searching for a whey protein isolate.


  • Bidding on keywords – Google AdWords promotion runs on keyword bids. You indicate the ₹ you will pay for when somebody will click your banner. I generally keep similar bid for each keyword, but you can control every keyword bid separately for more targeted keywords. Begin off low, around ₹10. If you don’t get any activity following 24 hours, increment to ₹20, then ₹25 and so forth until the point when you get the level of banner impressions you are OK with.


  • Banner Population – Google AdWords enables you to add different sizes of banners – you need to add no less than one of each size! This is essential. For your particular market, individuals may center on a 728×90 size flag, possibly a 250×250? Who knows? You need to misuse the standard size that individuals may not utilize, or not utilizing to such an extent. For me it was the 300×50 size banner. The principle key here is focus! Google AdWords can be extremely effective if you can generate the right sort of traffic, targeted traffic. In cases where you are general with your keywords and standards, you will get precisely that – general audience, not specifically interested in what you are promoting!


  • Balancing the Cost, I generally balance half of my Google AdWords advertisement costs with another Google program, Google AdSense. It’s basically the other side of Google AdWords, you get paid for individuals tapping on promotions you put on your site. the way I demonstrate these advertisements, I just show text promotions since I get significantly more income from text promotions than banners.


  • One word of alert, apply Google AdSense elegantly to your site. I have one advertisement in my side bar and one at the base of each article. Try not to plaster them everywhere on your site if you wish to utilize Google AdWords advertising – particularly not on the landing page that individuals go through after clicking your banner. Your banner promotion won’t go through until the point when Google considers your site relevant.

I would like to stress something about ad approvals. I used to think that the people at Google AdWords advertising would approve my advertisement in a matter of hours. Recently it has been 3-4 days, so be patient while submitting your advertisement because they might take time to acknowledge it and might be a few days before it goes live.


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